Increase student engagement through their passion

A students learning is limitless when they become motivated and engaged learners! Using our suite of tools, you can create a safe and supportive environment for young people to identify the intrinsic motivators towards their vision of success.

A really cool way for your gaming to mean something. It also lets us play competitively and try to be the best. – Year 8 competitor

Save time and improve outcomes

Using Flaktest, transform your classroom and extracurricular activities with simple and empowering tools that save you time, foster creativity and leadership and streamlines behaviour management.

Students are invited to the school esports club and join an term esports program.

Teachers attach literacy and numeracy modules to esports programs.

Teachers use Flaktest reporting tools to assess student learning.

Prepare your students for success

Cultivate powerful moments that make your students accountable for their behaviour and invested in their friend’s success. Working together in esports, students become responsible learners.

Get the productivity features you need, like member lists and student reports.

Track student progress in lessons and stay in touch with match results via the club dashboard.

Encourage ownership through peer mentorship programs and leadership roles.

Why use Flaktest?

It’s safe

Students only have access to teams and programs schools and Teacher Representatives invite them too. Teachers and parents also can control how students participate.

It’s simple

The intuitive interface is accessible anywhere! Manage your club through your mobile device and update your students and parents automatically.

It’s free

Getting started with your Youth Esports Club at Flaktest is absolutely free. Build your members and be active in your local esports community today.

It’s scalable

Whether your club has five members, or one hundred, Flaktest provides schools with the tools to connect students to teams and programs.

Join our club network

Once you have created a Youth Esports Club you join a network of other schools and local communities. Organise practice matches and share club resources.

Trusted by teachers and parents

“[Flaktest] provides an excellent opportunity for a core group of our students to engage in the school community and feel part of the school team, particularly students who don’t normally engage in other extra-curricular programs that we over.”

Anita Piccioni
Canning Vale College

“An absolutely amazing service that allows young eSports players to be active in a gaming community.”

Fil Filidei
Greenwood College

“Keep Flaktest eSports going! The excitement from the boys in our household when eSports night comes around is fantastic! It really keeps them motivated throughout the week to know that they have that reward coming”

Tonia Brown
Parent of participant

Improve student outcomes today

With Flaktest, you can solve youth disengagement, build meaningful relationships, improve literacy and numeracy, and empower young gamers to unlock their potential.