Learn and grow through your favourite games

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Learn and grow through your favourite games.

Flaktest provides a safe online space for young gamers, full of competitions and fun exercises that teach school subjects and keeps learning relevant.

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How We Work

How does our on-demand Flaktest programs help your young gamers succeed?

Keep learning relevant

Students want to be connected to their learning and in control of it. Using Flaktest, parents and teachers can set relevant, alternative assessments and homework in seconds.

Keep learning relatable

When a teacher or parent users Flaktest programs, they communicate his or her ambition to the child by tapping into their cognitive need to make sense of the world.

Keep it real.

Students want to learn about things that have an impact on them in their daily lives. Using Flaktest, you connect curriculum with the passions of young gamers with a simple click.

Be the best in your suburb!

Find your local, state and national rank.

Flaktest brings ranked esports to your local neighbourhood. Be the best player in your postcode and kick start your career in esports by trialing for state esports teams.

Fortnite Duos - Fremantle

Safe online spaces.

At Flaktest, children and young people participate in organised video game activities that leverage their passion towards personal and academic outcomes. Using Flaktest, schools and families.

  • Know WHO students are playing with
  • Know WHERE students play online
  • Know WHEN students are playing online  

Flaktest provides parents and schools access to safe servers and tools to help track student game time and help protect them from unruly behaviour and online predators.

“Flaktest provides an excellent opportunity for a core group of our students to engage in the school community and feel part of the school team, particularly students who don’t normally engage in other extra-curricular programs that we offer.”
Anita Piccioni
Secondary Teacher, Canning Vale College Esports Club, National Champions 2018

Recognise gifts and talents.

By registering at Flaktest, you become a part of your local esports and video game community. Completing weekly challengers, competitions and lessons builds rank and recognition.

Competitors and enthusiasts participate in state and national Flaktest competitions and events, providing opportunities to explore careers in the video game and emerging esports industry.

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